This is the personal website of Andrew David Field, a writer, scholar, and filmmaker based in Shanghai.

Andrew's research projects and publications thus far have tended to focus on the rise and development of modern, globalized music, nightlife, entertainment, and dance cultures, communities, and industries in large Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, and on representations of those cultures, communities, and industries in the modern mass media of film, recordings, and print.  He is also an authority on the social, cultural, literary, and architectural history of Shanghai, particularly during the Republican Era (1919-1949).

Andrew graduated with a B.A. in Asian Studies at Dartmouth College (1991) and a Ph.D. from the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Columbia University (2001).  Since then he has taught a variety of courses in Chinese, East Asian, and World History for Columbia University, the University of Puget Sound, University of New South Wales, New York University, Dartmouth College, Boston University, and Yonsei University.  Residing in China in 1996-1998 and since 2007, he has also administered educational programs for the Council on International and Educational Exchange (CIEE), Dartmouth College, Boston University, and Hult International Business School, and Duke Kunshan University, where he currently serves as Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs.

Andrew is also a producer and director of independent documentary films with a focus on contemporary creative cultures and communities in China.  His film Down:  Indie Rock in the PRC (2012), co-produced with Jud Willmont, has screened at film festivals and academic conferences worldwide.

Andrew may be reached at andrewdavidfield at

Key Publications

Shanghai Nightscapes: A Nocturnal Biography of a Chinese Metropolis University of Chicago Press, 2015 (Co-authored with James Farrer).

Mu Shiying: China’s Lost Modernist. Hong Kong University Press, 2014.

Shanghai’s Dancing World: Cabaret Culture and Urban Politics, 1919-1954. Hong Kong: Chinese University Press, 2010.

“From Interzone to Transzone: Race and Sex in the Contact Zones of Shanghai’s Global Nightlife” (co- authored with James Farrer), Intersections Issue 31. Dec. 2012. (

“Dancing in the Maelstrom of Chinese Modernity: Jazz-Age Shanghai Cabarets as Sexual Contact Zones in Fact and Fiction,” Intersections Issue 31 Dec. 2012. (

“Fumee D’Opium et Jazz En Folie,” in Nicholas Idier, ed., Shanghai: Histoire, Promenades, Anthologie et Dictionnaire (Bouquins: Paris, 2010): 415-442.

“Explosive Acts: Beijing’s Punk Rock Scene in the Postmodern World of 2007” in Berliner China Hefte, Vol. 34 (2008): 8-26 (co-authored with Jeroen Groenwegen) .

“From D.D’s to Y.Y. to Park 97 to Muse: Dance Club Spaces and the Construction of Class in Shanghai, 1997-2007,” in China: an International Journal Vol. 6 No. 1 (March 2008): 18-43.

“Selling Souls in Sin City: Shanghai Singing and Dancing Hostesses in Print, Film, and Politics, 1920- 1949,” in Zhang Yingjin, ed., Cinema and Urban Culture in Shanghai, 1922-1943 (Stanford University Press, 1999): 99-127.