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Down: Indie Rock in the PRC

(Filmed by Andrew Field and produced by Jud Willmont and Willmountain Films, first release in 2012)

Filmed on the sweaty stages of underground rock clubs and music festivals, this indie rock doc takes viewers on a journey deep into the rock scene of a rapidly changing China. Through performances by some of China's top indie rock bands and interviews with band members, rock club managers, concert organizers and record producers, the film highlights the music and the struggles that indie rock musicians are undergoing as they challenge the dominant values of mainstream Chinese society. Bands profiled in the film include Lonely China Day, Hedgehog, Carsick Cars, Re-TROS, Flying Fruit, PK-14, Brain Failure, and SUBS. Special appearance by China's rock godfather, Cui Jian.


"[Down] is the next best thing to a backstage pass to the green rooms of some of the coolest bands in the country. And the soundtrack rocks."

     --JFK Miller, Chief Editor of That's Shanghai 

 "Andrew Field is the Alan Lomax of the contemporary Chinese rock scene. This film will have an enduring value for decades to come."

     --Matt Harding, American guitarist and songwriter and founder of Shanghai's Cotton Club

 "Hands down the best film on China's indie rock scene produced to date. The footage is the best I've seen of China's rock bands in action."

     --Matt Kagler, owner of Tag Team Recordsin Beijing

 "A real time capsule of a defining moment in the recent history of Chinese rock'n'roll."

     --Michael Pettis, Owner of Beijing rock clubs D-22 and XP

 "The more I think about it, the better the film gets. Andrew and Jud have put a tremendous amount of work into producing this film, offering a fresh and balanced portrait of China's younger rock generation."

     --Andreas Steen, China scholar and author of many books and articles on China's rock and pop music (Aarhus University, DK)

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