Comet McNaught--Another Great Siting

Excuse me for my obsession with this heavenly object, but I want to report yet another brilliant siting of the comet, this time during a dinner party held in honor of our friend Jane Fenn's birthday.  The dinner was held at the Wharf Restaurant located on Pier 4, offering a great view of Sydney Harbour Bridge to the east and a fairly unobstructed view of the western sky.  Again, the comet appeared at around 8:45 pm and stayed in the sky for maybe a half hour before setting behind Pier 6. 

 The highlight of the experience was being able to share it with the other dinner guests, many of whom weren't aware that the comet existed.  Fortunately I'd had the foresight to bring along my binoculars, so several people were able to see it in greater detail. 

 I caught this shot of the comet just before it disappeared.  Again, it doesn't do justice to the real thing.