Sustainable Development and the "Eco-City" of Dongtan near Shanghai


Wired Magazine has published a feature article on the planned eco-community of Dongtan.  Dongtan is under development on the eastern edge of Chongming Island, a large island at the mouth of the Yangzi River near Shanghai.  It is an experiment in urban sustainability financed by the Shanghai Industrial Investment Corporation and designed by the European firm Arup.  This urban community is being engineered to promote 100 percent conservation of the energies and resources that go into running a modern city.  Rice husks are going to be used for energy, and recycling systems to capture excess heat and other runoffs will be installed.  The city will be built around the principal of easy transport from home to work, though it will also be connected to Shanghai by an under-water tunnel and subway system (Shanghai's subway is growing by leaps and bounds and will soon be the most developed on the planet).  This is a breath of fresh air amidst the miasma of news items about the degradation of the Chinese and global environments following the past few decades of runaway growth.