Shanghai Spring has Finally Arrived

Ah, Spring.  After five years in Sydney, I'd forgotten how long and arduous the winters in the northern hemisphere can be.  It's been a long and lonely winter, but as George Harrison sang, "Here comes the sun." 

The plums, cherries, magnolias, and other flowering trees are all in bloom, and green buds have sprouted on all the sycamore trees that line the roads of Shanghai.

Every Tues and Wed morning I take a taxi from the Zhabei District and head onto the gaojia (elevated highway) westward to the campus of East China Normal University, where I teach my courses for CIEE (Thurs arvo for NYU).  The walk inside the campus is pleasant as the canal leading to our building is lined with flowering trees and shrubs--a profusion of pinks, reds, whites, and yellows.  Here are some examples:


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