Some podcasts on my rotation list

I listen to podcasts frequently, especially when I am traveling or commuting back and forth to work.  Since I joined a business school as Associate Dean, my listening habits have changed somewhat.  Here are my current top picks:  

1.  Fresh Air with Terry Gross.  I have been listening to this show for decades now and it's still hands down my favorite radio program of all time.  I've also learned a great deal from Terry about the art of interviewing people.

2.  NPR TED Radio Hour.  A synthesis of recent TED talks with a thematic focus and additional interviews with speakers.

3.  Freakonomics Radio.  A fun take on current issues from economists' perspectives.

4.  BBC Documentaries.  In-depth radio show covering local interest stories with high production value.

5.  Business Daily.  A recent favorite, with interesting angles on business issues today.

6.  HBR Ideacast.  Interviews with authors of business-related books, a good source for recent literature on leadership, management, teamwork, etc.

7.  World Weekly with Gideon Rachman.  A decent summary of global news from different world regions or countries.

I'm always looking for new podcasts to get into, so I welcome your recommendations!