Full Tilt: An Online Journal of East Asian Literature and Poetry in Translation

Today I received the following message from the H-ASIA listserv:

The Summer 2007 issue of Full Tilt: a journal of East-Asian poetry,
translation, and the arts
is finally online at the following website:


In addition to eight interviews with poets, translators, artists and others
working in and out of the major East Asian languages (among them veteran
translators John Nathan, Hiroaki Sato, Howard Goldblatt, and Bruce Fulton),
this second issue of Full Tilt includes prose poems by the overseas Chinese
poet Shoo Tao, a vintage flash fiction by Korea's master of the short story
Hwang Sun-wo˜n, audio/video recordings from China's burgeoning culture of
performance poetry, graffiti art by Taiwan's controversial Bbrother, and a
choice audioclip from Michael Berry's interview of Chinese auteur director
Jia Zhangke.

I hope you enjoy the issue, and would appreciate your forward this
announcement to other people who may share your interest in East-Asian
poetry, translation, and the arts.

Best wishes,

Steve Bradbury
Full Tilt editor

Intrigued, I clicked on the site.  Though I have many other things to do (including my own blog) the internet is after all a world of distractions, and this one seemed more valuable than most.  I ended up spending the next hour or two poring through the interviews with leading translators, authors, filmmakers, etc.  Now I'm recommending that you do the same.  This is a really great website for those interested in Chinese/Japanese arts and literature.  Two thumbs way up!