Artful Construction Sites: Seoul's Digital Media City

This summer I've been living at the DMC Ville, a set of serviced apartments in the Sangam District in Seoul. We are right next to the Digital Media City, an area that has been developed recently with the specific purpose of concentrating the media companies in the city.  Everywhere around us are construction sites with new buildings rising.  In order to make the area look presentable while all that construction goes on, artists have been commissioned to decorate the walls built around the sites.  There's some pretty funky art out there if you walk around.  Here are some examples.  I've posted more photos of the wall art of Sangam DMC here.

And here are some photos of the buildings in the area.

This is DMC Ville, where I am staying.

Above is the Korean Film Archive, which I'm told is a treasure trove of visual media.

Here are the new construction sites as seen from the Lotte Cinema on the fourth floor of the building.

And below is Nuritkum Square.  Lots of nice restaurants and cafes in the basement of this building complex.

So you see, Seoul is building like mad.  I'm told that Korea has among the best construction workers in the world and I can believe it.  Things seem to get done here with a maniacal efficiency.