Live from Tokyo, its...A podcast interview on Shanghai Nightscapes with "New Books in East Asian Studies" presenter Carla Nappi

While I was in Tokyo last month, I met up with James Farrer at Sophia University and we conducted an interview via skype with Carla Nappi. Carla has been contributing podcasts to her "New Books in East Asian Studies" podcast platform for a few years now. I did an interview for my first book with her soon after it came out in 2010. Carla does an extremely good job of preparing for the interviews by reading the book carefully and preparing a set of questions and a "driving plan" to carry the author through the interview. It produces a very meticulous interview that covers the major issues and themes of the book and runs through each chapter. This is by far the best interview that we've done on our book.

You can find the interview here as a streaming podcast, also downloadable I believe.

I recommend her podcast platform highly to other authors of books on East Asian Studies.