Jack Carter: the Arrival of One of Shanghai’s legendary jazz bandleaders from the 1920s



 In 1926, an African-American jazz drummer and band leader named Jack Carter arrived in Shanghai along with Valada Snow and Teddy Weatherford. This is one of the earliest announcements of their program at the plaza hotel, a rare document that details their musical program. I will be posting a lot more about this band, their background  and there trajectory. These musicians and artists played a very important role in bringing American jazz and pop music to Asia . 


(The China Press Oct 22,1926)

Jack Carter’s music makers will again hold the floor at the Plaza hotel this evening as usual, yet the new dance program of the week promises some most enjoyable entertainment. Miss Rose Lavine, the Hawaiian specialist, will again perform in the dances in which she excells, and Teddy Weatherford, the popular orchestra pianist will show how the "Tales of Hoffman" and "Kitten on the Keys" can be played by a pianist on mighty good terms with his instrument.

Complete program of Plaza entertainment from this evening to October 28 follows:

  1. “Hawaiian Blues". Miss Rose Lavine.
  2. "Fantastic Oriental"., Misses Cook, Swotlanova, Messrs. Kurovsky and Kniaseff.
  3. "Teddy Weatherford" (The Piano Wizard)
  1. Tales of Hoffman
  2. Kitten on the Keys
  1. “Classical Duo", Messrs. Kurovsky and Kniaseff.
  2. "Temple Dance", Mr. Ajax Ardelle. Formerly with the World-Famous Denishawn Dancers.
  3. "Jackass Blues" (By Special Request), Miss Valada Snow and The Plaza Ballet, (staged by Miss Snow).

7. “Vitasiana", Miss Swetlanova, Mr. Kurovsky.