Waxing Nostalgic about 1920s Shanghai Nightlife--in the 1930s!

Do you ever get nostalgic about Shanghai nightlife in the 1990s? Well, ever wonder what would it be like for a guy in Shanghai in the 1930s to wax nostalgic about the good ol' 1920s? Here's your answer:


Do you remember—when the old Plantation Café with Jack Carter’s band held forth on the present premises of the American Women’s Club on Bubbling Well Road?

When the former Palais de Dance, now the Majestic Café, was under the management of Al Israel, with “Handsome” Hanson as bouncer? And there was boxing every week under the direction of Fred Jobson?

When Browning’s Café was known as Eddy’s and was operated and owned by a Chinese who formerly was the No. 1 barboy at the Astor House Hotel?


When the Savoy Hotel Ballroom was one of the gayest spots in town during the curfew nights of 1927? The cabaret ran full blast all through the night but patrons had to enter before curfew time and remain until 5 a.m. when the curfew was lifted.